DR Access Indicator 7 Reports for Local Education Agencies

Guidance for Administrators

This guidance document describes the relationship between the DRDP (2015) and Indicator 7: Preschool Outcomes of the State Performance Plan/Annual Performance Report (SPP/APR) and provides detailed instructions about how to interpret the data presented on the Indicator 7 Reports for LEAs website.

Download as PDF: Indicator 7 Reports System for Local Education Agencies (LEAs): Guidance for SELPA and District Administrators

Additional Resources

The Early Childhood Technical Assistance Center (ECTA) is funded by the Office of Special Education Programs to improve state early intervention and early childhood special education service systems, increase the implementation of effective practices, and enhance the outcomes of these programs for young children and their families. Their website provides additional information and Resources related to the early childhood outcomes. In addition, each year, they post a document that provides an overview of the national SPP/APR Indicator 7 data. You can access the most recent version of this report: https://ectacenter.org/outcomes.asp.

This brief video, Overview of Indicator 7, from the California Department of Education, Special Education Division introduces the Office of Special Education Program's (OSEP) preschool child outcomes indicator and the state and local reports of results available for special education programs in California at indicator7reports.org. Preschool child outcomes comprise Indicator 7 of OSEP's State Performance Plan/Annual Performance Report. Download Video