DR Access Indicator 7 Reports for Local Education Agencies

State-Level Results

This page displays the state-level results for the current year for the selected preschool outcome and both summary statements. To view results for each preschool outcome, click on the "Outcome" tabs at the top of each table. For more information about the preschool outcomes and summary statements, see the guidance page.

To access SELPA-level results either click the tab at the top of the screen or click on the "State of California." To view statewide results by federal Disability category, click "By Disability." To view results over multiple years, click the "Multi-year Report" icon in the second column of the table.

Outcome A. Social relationships, which includes getting along with other children and relating well with adults.
  • Summary Statement A.1: Of those children who entered the program below age expectations in each outcome, the percent who substantially increased their rate of growth by the time they turned 6 years of age or exited the program.
  • Summary Statement A.2: The percent of children who were functioning within age expectations in each outcome by the time they turned 6 years of age or exited the program.


By Disability Multi-Yr Report Total Children Exited* Summary Statement A.1 Result Difference from
State Target (77.0%)
Summary Statement A.2 Result Difference from
State Target (77.0%)
1. State of California 16,789 69.48 -7.52 67.73 -9.27

*Total Children Exited is the total number of children that exited preschool special education services for the specified SELPA or District. Includes only those children with valid ratings for both entry and exit assessments.